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June 3, 2010

Reality is a lie and I want to “software with you”

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Hello friends,

Today I come to you in pursuit of acceptance. I come to share my brave attempt at what one would call freedom. Why can’t man be free? I’ll put that question back in my mind where it will always linger. Until I come to a conclusion on why? I might just as well get going on the what. What is this blog? This blog is simply me posting my paltry programming projects to public scrutiny and possible support.  It’s going to be what I do every day. So let’s begin.

One of the books I’m currently reading is: OReilly Head First PHP & MySql. A beginner’s book. It’s great because it’s practically all diagrams and I can skim through it rather quickly to find any gaps in my knowledge (they’re closing ever so slowly). It’s full of comedic pictures as well such as this one:

Creating your own dataI love that sort of humor. I’m also knee deep in other crappy PHP books, but I have to put it aside to learn jQuery and javascript a bit more since I’m dealing with design/UI functionality a lot more than I had expected. I’m not complaining however, php so far is kind of dry. In one of the Google talks video, a developer mentioned learning Prototype instead of jQuery. Although it’s obviously healthy to know a bit of both I naturally inclined toward jQuery because it’s so popular. Previous to the google talk I had not heard of prototype. To be honest I kind of just jumped into this whole programming thing again, it’s awesome . I miss it. I used to program in VB when I was a young teen. Google “Bomberman VB” for my FUCKEN EPIC project.  I was even working on a GUI framework (hehe, a very simple one) so that I could have buttons and windows in DX7. I stopped programming when highschool hit. I hated highschool. I felt obligated to play football since I was athletic and rather large framed. Not only that, my math was weaker than I had wished for, and when the older game developers were talking about using bit operations and trig for rotating sprites I got depressed. No one was there to tell me… hey bro, you’re 13. You can learn.

Well fuck it. I’m 23. I can learn.


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